1) Personal / Business Website

We offer tailor made websites, exactly the way you want to represent yourself on the web. So either you’re a musician, blogger, or you have your own business and you want people to find more about your business online. Once the site has been setup you’ll also have the liberty to update the website yourself with our content management system (CMS)

Shopping Carts

2) Online Shopping Carts

We offer online shopping carts for those who want to start their own store online. You’ll be able to access your store to maintain the shop, add products, and many more customizable controls to give your clients a pleasurable online shopping experience.

Logo Design

3) Logo Design

We offer logo design where we help you create an identity for your business. The great thing about Shibca Design creating your logo is that we can easily integrate it with your website which results in a consistent theme for throughout your website.

Business Cards

4) Business Cards

Shibca Design can also create business cards which would suit your website and logo


Domain Name Registration

1) Domain Name Registration

A domain name gives your business a unique web address. There are a number of reasons your business should register a domain name;

  • Protect your online business identity
  • Professionalise your business email e.g.¬†yourname@yourbusiness.com.au
  • Create a unique web address for your website
  • Establish online branding and build trust with your customers
  • Add your domain to business cards, brochures, clothing.
  • Make it easier for your customers to find you on the internet

We offer all kinds of domain names:

  • .com.au
  • .net.au
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

Plus many more…

Web Hosting

2) Web Hosting

We will setup website hosting for you to store all your files and your entire website.

E-mail Accounts

3) E-Mail Accounts

We also will be to setup email accounts for you so that you could share it to all your contacts which would contain the name of your website or business. Example: peter@mybusinessname.com.au

Shibca Design will setup for you Web Access to your email, Email Application access to your email (ie. Outlook) and also Mobile Device access to your email (ie. iPhone / iPad)